White Glove Service FAQ

Running out of time or Stressed out of creating Digital Business Card

What is White Glove Service?

The term “white-glove” services refers to assistance provided with an elevated level of care and attention to detail. We offer assistance to users who choose white glove service in creating their cards from ourself and share with them beautiful personalised link and guide them with features which can be useful to them

How much is White Glove Service Charges?

We are offering this service free of cost service as of now.

Who needs White Glove Service?

Anybody can use this service who are running out of time or have confusion creating digital Business card on their own can opt for this service.

How much time do it take to create card when White Glove service is taken?

On an average digital business card url is delivered in between 10-15 minutes but we promise 30 minutes maximum time once payment is confirmed.

Is it worth taking White Glove Service?

Why not? who doesn't love to get pampered and that too at no cost ;)

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