What should I provide on a business card?

Business card details

Ever wonder what information to put on a business card? The great thing about digital cards is that you can put as much or as little information as you want on your card, and you’ll never run out of space. Regarding what exactly to put on a card, here are a few things you should always include.


You can add more than your first and last name. Add any prefixes or suffixes, accreditations, your preferred name (for example, a nickname or the name you go by professionally, like Dr. Smith), or a maiden name.

Title, department, and company

Include your title, department, and company name on your virtual card if employed. If you are looking for a new role, you can use your digital business card during your job hunt.

Basic contact information

Include your preferred means of contact on your cards, like your email, phone number, website, WhatsApp, or other links.


Unless your physical address is crucial to your business, adding a generic region is entirely acceptable on business cards (for example, “Delhi” or “Delhi, India”).

Picture or video

Adding a picture or video to your card is essential—it will help connect the “name to face” for your contacts. While most business card apps allow for profile pictures, wCard is the only app that supports Introduction videos. You can upload videos of yourself or your company here that itself will provide info about the card


Add your company’s logo to your business card. You can either upload your own from your files or Photos


You can add any marketing or sales collateral PDFs to your business card.


you can choose from ten colors on the free version. Premium accounts give you access to any color, and you can customize the card design and buttons. 


Adding your website to your business card is crucial. Not only does your website give your customers information about you and your business, it can also drive sales and leads.

Contact Form

Adding your contact form to your business card is crucial. It gives direct leads to your profile through your users.

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