The Pros & Cons Of Paper Vs Digital Business Cards

Business cards are essential for small to big businesses and consumers alike across all industries. Today, these cards help in building a brand, besides giving contact details.

In the modern world of business, marketers are inventing new ways to engage the target audience. One of the cost-effective ways to draw clients’ attention is to hand out digital business cards.

The cards provide contact details. Clients or customers can get quick access to some key contact information. But providing the details is not the sole purpose of the cards for today’s businesses.

The modern cards are designed to impress clients. They have a planned use of color, typeface, space, logo, image etc. These elements combine to make the desired impact. The impression remains at the back of the clients’ mind and creates some perception about a brand.

A study also has pointed out that in the US; nearly 77 per cent of small and medium businesses believe that digital presence helps them in customer acquisition. This shows that the future is digital and it includes digital business cards as well.

However, the fact is that both the types have their pros and cons.

Paper Business Cards


• Grab Attention Quickly

• Establish Personal Connection


• Need Professionals To Design Cards

• Require Frequent Redesigning

• Take Up A Lot Of Space

• Discarded In A Few Days

• Not Environment-Friendly

Digital Business Cards


• Easy To Share

• Stand Out

• Attach Media

• Store The Information Conveniently

• Updating Is Easy

• Great For Contact Management

• Easy To Customize

• Search Engine Friendly

• Eco-Friendly


• Depends On Internet Access

• Lacking In Personal Touch


Both paper and digital business cards are excellent when it comes to sharing your contact details and making a lasting impression. Both the cards have their own advantages and disadvantages for businesses. Their use will depend on your branding strategy. It will be good to use both types of cards to gain from their advantages.

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